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7 Crucial Questions to Ask When Hiring a Property Management Company

Question #1: How long has your company been in the business?

You will often get the most benefits when you hire a company specialized in a particular aspect of management. And while many companies are trying to provide services in a full range of management products, while they often also run businesses such as hotels, tourist complexes, office buildings, apartment hostels, or a company that only collect fees for maintenance and repairs. Overall, the full attention and affordable fees will come from companies that focus strictly on the management and letting in only one niche. What is our niche? We manage:

  • Only residential properties
  • Only in Sofia
  • Only occupied by long-term tenants with a minimum contract for 1 year.

Question #2: Are you allowed you to meet the staff you’ll potentially work with?

When you meet people who could potentially run your property, you discover their personalities and more importantly, begin developing relationships. Are no longer just names. Instead, they become people, reliable partners, you expect to achieve your goals.

Question #3: How does the company maintain training and education?

The training provides staff of managing company with the ability to stay on top production levels according to the latest developments of the industry trends and also the maintenance of the best business practice. It also will ensure that future employees and managers are willing to support the values of the company.

Question #4: What is your company's practice to provide you with effective communication?

Communication plays an important role in the successful propertymanagement of any level. Whether it is between the company and the employee, the company and the owner or company and the tenant. As a client, you should make sure that the communication channel is a place that provides an examination of the issues immediately. In addition, the system for monitoring and verification should work to identify when and where problems are not solved.

Question #5: What are the fees for using your services?

Representatives of the management company must always be clear in advance about all fees, which will receive. They should not change dependding on market situation, but to be firm and well explained.

Question #6: What are the guarantees and commitments of the management company about the service you use?

Question #7: Are there Clear responsibilities of the management company for breach of their commitments?

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Мирчо Миланов

Mircho Milanov

manager, Sofia

Even though I live in Sofia, I have entrusted my apartments to AdaptConsult. In this way I can have time and security, which is important for me.
Сесар Гонсалес

Cesar Gonzales

investor, Madrid

I researched the offers for Property Management service on the Bulgarian market and I found AdaptConsult to be the only company that gives guarantees. The return from rentals is very important for me. Their taxes are justified by the quality they offer.